I lost a hero today.


I lost my hero today. After just over three weeks of illness she lost her struggle with lymphoma.
I am still here, but am in agony inside. I have made many posts about this, but they are set to Private.
Don’t ask about this, I cannot answer. My heart is broken.

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A dog with cancer

13°C, lighter winds, some sun. CK:29 miles

She’s been ill for a week or so now. A second vet can’t now find a lump, the first thought it quite large. Maybe now she is getting some treatment, her belly is fuller  that lump is obscured when feeling by hand. I haven’t done any such probing. she has (sorry for the grisly details) black diarrhoea which sounds like there’s blood in it. I hope that this hasn’t been triggered by us feeding her sausages, minced-meat and such. Dog food is quite bland, but the change could be the problem.

I have to face the fact that this may be her last winter. She is 13 years 11 months at the time of writing.