Tried too much?

19C, showers, some heavy.
Break camp at Oban and head towards Glen Coe. The road along Glen Orchy is single-track through Caledonian temperate rainforest. Each tree is decorated with feathery lichens, any rocks were coated in thick velvety moss. These places are rare now, but still, the magic is there.

I was looking for a hike, the rain wasn’t so bad, more drizzle by now. But I failed after making friends with some pigs. So, drove on to The Bridge Of Orchy and decided on the climb on the opposite side- Beinn Dorian. At 1076m, it is about the same height as Snowdon. The top was in cloud and so was the approach along a ridge. It’s a shame because the view would get been stunning.


You have to watch out for the false summit. The real one is at the second cairn.
Rain has been the big problem today, I took the tent down is rain and later, put it back up in an even heavier downpour, and it was dark.
Everything ran too late today, I got back to the car at about 8.45.
That screwed the plan to have a pub meal near the campsite, view stopped serving at 9.00.
So I cooked in rain too.

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New word: bimble.

6~14C, S brisk, clear.
Thirty years ago I first set eyes on this mountain. That was a Youth Hosteling trip with my brother on cheap, unreliable bikes. The day we arrived was warm sunshine and we both got sunburnt. The second day it rained heavily and a landslide closed the main road. We were, therefore stuck here a few days. In all of this, Tryfan stuck in my mind. It looked ominous those days. It looks like a clenched fist on the valley side.

Today, I climbed it. I took the Heather Terrace route on the east face. Conditions were perfect but it was three hours climbing.
The title- bimble is a new word to me. They use it here to mean an easy walk, like amble, stroll, plod and all the rest. Clearly, there is a need for a word with a comedy tone.
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