Bombus Lapidarius

22°C, foggy yet morning, now blazing.
Last year I was delighted to find a swarm of honey bees in the eaves. This year, we have bumble-bees living in the house. They are orange-tails, nesting in nearly the same place. It prompts a question- how do I go about repairing that part of the roof. The insects have not caused any damage, its just wear and tear to the facia and soffits. The standard way to repair them is to fit uPVC boards. What I want is a repair that does not prevent interesting wildlife getting on with their lives.

Mid-winter bumbus

13.5°C, grey,mild, dry.
What is this bumble-bee doing up and about today, mid-winter? My guess, the dog disturbed it on wandering about the shrubs in the garden. They hibernate through to spring so maybe the mild weather woke him.
He raised a leg as though in fear- as if to rush me away. He knew I was there and was alert enough to sense threat.


I can’t see him surviving now he’s woken. I gave him some sugar and wished him good luck.I was gentle.