Jobs done: it’s ironic that on a weekend at home, feeling ill, that I got more done than ever. Normally on a fine Autumn Sunday, I’d spend the day on the bike enjoying the landscape and sun.
Now, door-frame and gate post painted; patio cleared; curtains washed; garden cleared for winter and shopping done. An interesting job is coming up- part of a door frame is rotten, so I will cut out the bad bits and make new.
This headcold is past its worst, so I could be riding again later this week. A good result.

Posted on my phone.

Light the fire.

11C, strong westerly. Showers.

Autumn chill-
The picture is from the Chase, walk through a mixed forest and you can find a door somewhere remote. Like something from a children’s story, it cane out of the forest.
I had to light the fire last night, but the central heating stays off. I’d feel better about it if I didn’t wake so early today. 04.45 it was, wide, wide awake, so may as well get up. Now my head is heavy and thick with sleep. A lesser man would throw a sickie.

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9°C, still & foggy start.
Drove in today. Fog has descended.
Drove home in clear air but my view was obscured by a boot full of leaves. Our caretaker let me take 6 big bags of swept leaves, mainly from London Plane (?) trees. There are loads of those in the borough- they cope with pollution well.