Acrylic in A4 sketchbook: 4 pages.

All are acrylic on A4 pages in multiple layers. The method is generally the same – prepare the page with a mid-tone ground; 2 sessions; work from mid-tones towards light & dark, last marks are black and pure white (often just a dot).

A4 Acrylic: Wuthering.


1 1/2 hours in.

I may just leave this one as it is. It resides in an A4 sketchbook on prepared paper and only used a No.8 round brush. It’s excellent that brush becauyse it has a very fine tip so I have felt no need to pick up another brush.
The immediacy of acrylic onto paper is refreshing after long weeks of work on oil paintings. I can see faults with those oils but am, frankly, sick of worrying about them.

Acrylic D3: boy

Another couple of hours while listening to Tom Yourke’s Sispiria.

Day 3, colour.

To think I nearly scrapped this two days ago. I went to bed frustrated and disheartened ready to cut the page out of the book in the morning. The next day ( day 2), I washed over it with burnt umber glazes as discussed in a previous post.
Today, with Tom Yorke CDs playing, I get to this stage. It looks better in the sketchbook than in this photo.

There is a lesson to tell the kids at school. They often abandon pictures in the first half feeling a frustration akin to my feelings the other day. I must urge them to persist and show them how to fix rather than scap unfinished artworks.