Pulsar visualised

6°C, gales from SE. Some dry patches too.

3DS Max 8: I don’t often find the time to play with 3D software, but here is a still from a longer render that I ran overnight. As I write, I am attempting to upload the clip to YouTube.

Visualisation of a pulsar using 3D animation software. Inspired by the book- Clocks in the Sky: The Story of Pulsars by Geoff McNamara.
To make the job easier, this pulsar spins at only 2 times per second. There is a particle system for each pole and a volumetric light. If I have the right idea, then there is a gas jet from each magnetic pole and an electromagnetic beam too. With a rapidly spinning source, those two would not be colinear some distance from the object.
The particle system doesn’t show clearly; a feature that needs some work. Also, an introductory distance shot would work well. 3D animation takes a long time and only produces a few seconds of video each day. Some shots can be re-used, stills can be overlaid in the video editor.


Sore legs

21°C, Windy & sunny patches.

3DS for FSX: On a day for resting the legs and occasional stretches.
I’ve been making things again.
This is lichfield Cathederal, destined for FSX and possibly Google-Earth.
Some faces havn’t got textures yet (as you can see), but it’s going alright currently, though this process does take a long time.

LOD Export now works

7°C, light winds, grey. 

Yesterday: a day in London. The best bit was in the Tate Modern: Juan Muñoz who makes figurative sculptures. One room was filled with these grey figures, all with the same cheerful expression but in different poses. They seemed to be in conversation, and rather pleased to see one another. The effect was almost animated as you walk around the room which reveals different figures as they eclipse and uncover each other. See the picture below. 

It’s been a long, frustrating but addictive quest- but I’m getting 3D models into that sim at last. After a hint from FSDeveloper forum, I roughed out a Max Teapot file, with a standard FSX material, and exported. It worked! There is a big red teapot at the end of the runway in Seattle. So perhaps it needs a clean Max file, so:

reset Max; Merge the mesh in; generate new GUID & “FriendlyName”; make a new FSX material, through it apply the bitmap (pref a photoshop file) and export to X/Mdl/placement file.
A curiosity still lingering is that recently, the default placement launches the sim on the equator in the Pacific even with the placement set to Seattle.