Cross the moss.

11°C, brisk NW, dry and sunny.
I rode The Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 49.14km, time: 02:35:15, pace: 3:10min/km, speed: 18.99km/h.

Not much improvisation on kid route today.

Also took two brisk walks totalling about 8 miles. Although there are plenty of public footpaths across farmland around here, there are few circular routes. The best routes use very little road.
I shall sleep well tonight.

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Walk to recover.

19°C, bright sun building wind later.
I hiked with a medium pack:  Distance: 16.74km, time: 02:52:01, pace: 10:16min/km, speed: 5.84km/h.

The idea was to walk a few miles across farmland and practice DofE Bronze terrain navigation. Yesterday, I was all aching with a cold and it spread to my chest. Cycling was out of the question on this beautiful day.
Despite a few changed public rights of way, I made no navigation errors. Quite the opposite, the navigation was too easy really.
The ground is solid, soil is all hexagon cracks like in those pictures of deserts.
The route covered land formerly on a WWII airbase.fradBunker

This is some kind of bunker, it has a chimney but no windows or pill-box style slits of any kind. Inside was fairly fresh water full of duck-weed (or something similar).

The next bit involved crossing the old runways by a public right of way. However, something got in the way. There is a new housing estate being built. No signs of the path were visible nor were there notices on lampposts. I dropped in the housing office. The woman there didn’t know where the path was diverted to, but was adamant that I couldn’t pass through the building site. Obviously.
I knew that but she tried to divert me along a road. I didn’t want to do that, lie path must be somewhere. She then said ‘I’d have to say the path is closed’. No it can’t be, that would be illegal.
What home is it if you don’t know but prefer to say something that is wrong.
As it turned out, I found it behind a supermarket, against her advice.
The rest of the route map very nice. There were a few fallen massive trees to clamber by.

The day’s total milage amazed me. More than Ten miles. I had imagined about six. For 2,500 calories, I felt remarkably fresh despite feeling ill yesterday. What am excellent way to recover.

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What a start to a valuable holiday.

18°C, bright sun.

Holidays are precious, I hate to loose any of them. This one has started with a cold in my head. At least it could be over reasonably quickly. A term-time cold can often last more than two weeks.

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Three score and twelve miles.

14°C, mostly sunny with light wind.
I rode Racelite with MapMyRide+! Distance: 116.03km, time: 02:39:32, pace: 1:22min/km, speed: 43.64km/h.

The view from Bosworth Battlefield visitors centre. North is the village of Mkt Bosworth.
On the return leg, I happened upon this sign:​

I sense some frustration in the people of Sheepy. It’s a straight road just off a fast A road. The boy racers probably tear around in their hot hatches while throwing a trail of MacDonald’s packaging out their windows. This time of year, the long narrow land-fill sites in our hedgerows are hidden by growing plants. The winter always looks the worst. Am I sounding grumpy? Okay, I better stop then.

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Spring and body chain.

14°C, clear and cloudless. Moderate easterly.
I rode The Paddy Wagon with MapMyRide+! Distance: 90.07km, time: 03:41:13, pace: 2:27min/km, speed: 24.43km/h.​​

Fitted the summer wheels and a new chain. The weather was nearly perfect, a brisk easterly built up later. These wheels are excellent, quick and light to handle. Overall, a fine ride on a fine spring day.

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Every day is like Saturday.

9°C, wind and rain.

Day Out at a seaside town, Southport. The place was swept by right rain and some semblance of its tourist roots are obvious. Tacky shops are open with loud childish music played and vast amounts of sugar based food are on sale.

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The ides of March.

14°C, cloudless sky and light wine.

A fine spring day. Large numbers of plants have burst into bloom this week. Warm weather has sped them on and I’ve seen the first bumble bees.

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Worn cog.

10°C, light sunshine and W breeze.

I rode the Paddy Wagon with MapMyRide+! Distance: 71.56km, time: 03:03:45, pace: 2:34min/km, speed: 23.37km/h.

Bannister Hill was okay. Actually, there was a race going up there but they let me through. The climb was not too hard but it may have led to mechanical problems later.
I noticed the odd cracking sound in the following miles. On wtgd approach to the next village, the chain jumped off the rear cog and was trapped against the spokes. At least I could stop safely to fix it.
After fixing it, it looked like the cog’s teeth are narrow and hooked. They’re worn out.
A single-speed bike does not share out the wear across 8 or more cogs so you should expect the gear to wear faster than multi-gears. Considering the age of the gear, this is good going.
By the way, the ride was nice. It closed over later and the wind picked up. But, spring is here, daffodils in full bloom.

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Testing the kettles.

9°C, sunny with showers.
I’ve tested the new kettle today. The new one, with a heat-exchanger on the bottom promises faster boil times. Cold mornings can be a problem on a camp because the low temperature dramatically affects the time it takes to make breakfast. Maybe like me, you really want a coffee first thing to start the day.
To test these pots, I put 400ml of your at the same temperature. I timed each pot to the point when steam appeared when I hit Stop on the stopwatch. The stove is a Primus, the type with a hose and a loop of pipe that is pre-heated by the flames.
Here’s the results:

Plain kettle.
3’10”, 130g.

Heat-exchanger Kettle.
2’40”, 250g

Heat-exchanger Pot.
4’10”. 280g.

I’m a bit worried about the last result. The gas can chilled so much that it froze to the table. Gas pressure drops away dramatically when cold. This may have lengthened the boil time despite the heat sink.
Here is a close-up of the heat sink in case you’re wondering what it means. The idea is to increase the area in contact with the flames. This folded metal has a larger surface area and also channels the hot gas along the pot’s base.

In conclusion, I think the heat-exchange pots are worth having for the boil times. The only disadvantage is the extra weight.

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Very muddy canal loop.

5° to 9°C, sunny and very muddy.
I rode with MapMyRide+! Distance: 28.44km, time: 01:52:56, pace: 3:58min/km, speed: 15.11km/h.

Deep, Watery and sloppy mud. Hence the low average speed. Sometimes as low as 5mph. Even so, I still failed to fall off into the canal.
Bright spring sunshine made this a happy ride. The mud was a feature, but it was so watery that most of it didn’t stick to the bike.

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