In reverse order (by purchase date):

Raleigh Mustang;(sept 2016). A replacement for my 20 year old commuter, the Arrow. This one has an aluminium frame and disc brakes.

The shop will fit mudguards and a rack before delivery.

Kona Jake, newest addition to the stable in 2014. Why? The criteria are: lighter and stiffer frame than the Arrow, disk brakes and lugs for carrier and rack. Given the higher milage riding home from work over the last two years, I deserve an upgrade. Disk brakes promise better stopping in wet weather.


It weighs in at 11.57kg, quite high for an aluminium frame, but it’s solid and strong feeling. The handlebars are wide, 45cm across the goods. The drops splay out to 50cm.

Kona Paddy Wagon. Single-speed road bike. New year 2011. Most of the year I use 42 x 16 gears, though in winter, I fit a 17 tooth cog for cold days where speed is harder to find in my legs. The 16t is now on a new set of wheels built with Mavic rims. Those lighter wheels also have narrow, lighter tyres.
The bike doesn’t take too much maintenance, but it really eats chains. Weight 10.25Kg with empty bottles.

Racelite: 16-speed steel road racing. 1996. It’s made of Columbus Max, with a 61cm top-tube. The Campagnolo groupset includes a 180mm crankset. With a set of Mavic Aksium S Wheels the handling is dramatically more nimble. Set up like this, it weighs 10.79kg.


Arrow: 16-speed audax from Avon Valley Cyclery, Bath. 1994. Also built with Columbus Max of similar dimensions to the race bike. Currently in its third livery, originally teal, then copper. Top tube is 60cm effective length.


I have weighed this bike twice, once with the rack on, once without. It is 11.95kg without, 12.62kg fitted. Perhaps I should get a lighter rack on my next commuter.
Night rides, most often on the commuting bike (the Arrow). I use two front and two rear lights. 200+600 lumins front and 10 +25 behind.image

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