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DofE 16.0

15°C falling to 0°C under clear sky. Gold Qualifying expedition, Brecon Beacons. Long drive in fine conditions, rolling mist filled some fields near the coast. That reminded me of some of the early season trips this year. In in the … Continue reading

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DofE 14: Yorkshire Dales.

14°C, rain and gales. Gusts up to 40mph. 14.0 Arrived about 11.30am for a Gold Qualifying expedition. The minibusses wouldn’t arrive for at least 2 hours so I went up Whenside for the fun of it. People were up there … Continue reading

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3: Breadalbane

12°C, rain, much of it heavy with brisk SW. Moved to the Trossachs, this gives me a new area to explore and a shorter drive home than Ardnamuchan. The Ben Lawers range was recommended by the Fife couple. It may … Continue reading

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2: Kilchoan in Ardnamurchan

13°C, SSE breeze but sunny now after heavy showers. Day 1: Arrived at the most wonderful campsite. In front of me are superb views of the Sound of Mull and to the right, Mull itself. Left, I can see Ben … Continue reading

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1: Bridge of Orchy.

27°C, highest in Glasgow. Better in highlands. 0 cloud or wind. Very long drive, too long. The M6 was closed between Preston and Lancaster. That pushed all the traffic onto local A roads which immediately stopped. Normally, on this trip, … Continue reading

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Old Man of Coniston

21°C white cloud and humid. I hiked with MapMyRide+! Distance: 14.05km, time: 06:02:00, pace: 25:46min/km, speed: 2.33km/h. The atmosphere dominated the day. Not today, those boring photos of blazing sun, blue sky and distant vistas. Clouds spilled over the … Continue reading

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14/ Man verses Lakes: marshalling.

20°C, white cloud. 14.1: A late start means a late finish just as night is falling. It’s the problem with the tides determinig the start time for this race. The first stage was over the sands at Silverdale to Grange … Continue reading

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DofE 13.0: Hitchin.

26°C, 2/5 cloud, 0 wind. Camped at Henlow Bridge. Not my kind of campsite but only for 1 night. Expensive too, £26 for 1 night. That’s london prices, I didn’t get to the bureau de change to get london pounds. … Continue reading

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DofE 12: Brecon Beacons.

24°C, sunny with fair clouds, light breeze. Back to the Beacons, with different groups this time; however, most I’ve met or taught before. Yes, it’s my old school DofE again. My job was to drive the Gold groups to their … Continue reading

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DofE 11.0: Cotswold hills.

28°C, no wind and the prospect of 30° tomorrow, close feeling too. Working for a provider that’s new to me: BXM. It’s not too far to drive here, but for the first part of the M5 which was very slow.. … Continue reading

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