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Angry in an Audi.

After snow, 2°C, clear with moderate N breeze. I rode Mustang with MapMyRide+! Distance: 32.50km, time: 01:37:00, pace: 2:59min/km, speed: 20.10km/h. A short outing after the snow finished. None of it stuck anyway. The first mile goes north along … Continue reading

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Gold, day 4, completion.

12°C, sunny but rain at the end A day to wait, cleanup and packing the minibuses carried on against a background of sun and a cloud inversion.​ A cold front drew over us as the day finished bringing rain, heavy … Continue reading

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The dark and angry cottage.

21°C, white cloud. This summer’s expedition didn’t require any rescues but one group said they’d lost their walkie-talkie. We drove into the village and parked for near the footpath for a short time.​ A grumpy note! I accept that it … Continue reading

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A roller-coaster journey.

14°C, sunny but fresh. Drove the car today. I’m not well enough to cycle. A spider was busy on the wing mirror through the whole 10 miles. With up to 40 mph headwind, I could see her attempting to build … Continue reading

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6°C, sunny start, warm later. On the scales, the unexpected. I weigh less that the start of term, 3lbs less. Didn’t see that coming, I even thought it would read a slight increase. Still under the magic 14St 4. barrier … Continue reading

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Volvo V60

18°C, heavy showers, then sunny. Poor car, it needs some work, but the cost could be equal to a new replacement. If not new, nearly new. Therefore, I’m shopping around. First way to eliminate a car is to sit in … Continue reading

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4°C, windy, some hail showers, No ride, latent virus saps my energy so I am in rest phase. I can’t tell whether this cold will erupt fully or fizzle out losing the fight with my immune system. Hoar frost on … Continue reading

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Twice, in one day.

Thu. 19°C, SW4, sunny. Nice day. Why, on a nice day do some blokes lose their temper while driving? My journey started with one and ended with another. Near home, I pulled out onto a road where visibility was blocked … Continue reading

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Come on down.

Rain showers, NW 4, sunny later. Long drive home, 485 miles that took 10 hours not counting breaks. This is surely the same shot I took last time. The weather wasn’t that different either. Tomorrow, will be a good enough … Continue reading

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I know how to live it up.

20C,not a cloud, light sea breeze. Never done this before in the 11 years I have had this car. I have wax polished it. It’s a little tricky, the instructions on the bottle make it sound easy. The car does … Continue reading

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