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DofE 13 South Downs

22°C, light wind and deep blue cloudless above. A very long drive down near Brighton. I hope it’s worth it. Heathside has always been brilliant previously, so it will be again. Before the punters arrive, I have the field to … Continue reading

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DofE 16.0

15°C falling to 0°C under clear sky. Gold Qualifying expedition, Brecon Beacons. Long drive in fine conditions, rolling mist filled some fields near the coast. That reminded me of some of the early season trips this year. In in the … Continue reading

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And to return.

More rain, 14°C, followed by rain again. Leaving Scotland is easier when the weather is bad, more so when the outlook is also poor. With the tent packed (wet) by 7.30, I was ready. The most remarkable point to note … Continue reading

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3: Breadalbane

12°C, rain, much of it heavy with brisk SW. Moved to the Trossachs, this gives me a new area to explore and a shorter drive home than Ardnamuchan. The Ben Lawers range was recommended by the Fife couple. It may … Continue reading

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14/ Man verses Lakes: marshalling.

20°C, white cloud. 14.1: A late start means a late finish just as night is falling. It’s the problem with the tides determinig the start time for this race. The first stage was over the sands at Silverdale to Grange … Continue reading

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DofE 13.0: Hitchin.

26°C, 2/5 cloud, 0 wind. Camped at Henlow Bridge. Not my kind of campsite but only for 1 night. Expensive too, £26 for 1 night. That’s london prices, I didn’t get to the bureau de change to get london pounds. … Continue reading

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DofE 10.0: Edale.

Or “I need to use the trowel” 16°C, cloudless and still. Arrived in Edale for a Gold Practice expedition. I’ve been here a few times before with QM School. Sunset is late so putting up the tent was easy. This … Continue reading

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DofE 5.0: Parbold

21°C, white cloud with very high pollen. Some schools vary the rules on their expeditions. This one uses the same route for all groups on qualifying, they are in the same area as their practice and a few other oddities. … Continue reading

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DofE 3.0: South Downs (Surrey Hills)

19°C, clear , still and dry. 264 mile drive to get here straight from work. We’ll see whether it leaves me too tired next week. That will be 16 days work without a day off. The forecast is good. This, … Continue reading

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This could be a nice campsite.

7°C, rain. Pitched near Betwys-y-coed on the banks of the R. Conwy. Can’t really tell how good this place is because I arrived in the dark. Tonight’s rain should be the last of it this weekend.

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