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Art fix

17°C, sun and heavy showers. Tate Gallery, Liverpool. They’re showing Egon Sheile and some other stuff from their modern collection. This is what they said about the sculpture above: Louise Bourgeois 1911-2010 Mamelles 1991, cast 2001 Rubber, fibreglass and wood … Continue reading

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Mobile phone.

I’ve come back from my hiking trip in Scotland annoyed with my phone. I have an old 3G Samsung Mini 3III. There are two main problems: 1/ the screen is unreadable in summer sunshine, 2/ sometimes, the notification sounds and … Continue reading

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Fat Bike on the beach.

20°C grey start, humid and warm. I rode a Trek fat bike with MapMyRide+! Distance: 34.76km, time: 02:16:58, pace: 3:56min/km, speed: 15.23km/h. The idea of tbe ride on this bike was to look for a shipwreck on Ainsdale beach. … Continue reading

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Return commute on empty legs.

26°C, full sun, light wind. I rode home with MapMyRide+! Distance: 27.84km, time: 01:19:25, pace: 2:51min/km, speed: 21.03km/h. Tired, but I know why. Sunday’s walk was 6,000 calories, and Tuesday’s was 8,800 calories. Wednesday wasn’t much but maybe I … Continue reading

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Plumbing, is this the most annoying DIY job?

Very warm, sunny and close. 24°C. Before: It leaked, left rusty marks and was difficult to remove. I ended up removing the whole sink to get at the rusty bolts. How much better is this? A clean route, new pipes … Continue reading

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DofE 4.3: change of weather and an emergency.

Rain from before dawn. 13°C, easing through the day. A slightly slower start becaue of the rain. It fell upon me to breif and set all the groups off. All 72 kids. It was an hour and a half before … Continue reading

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DofE 4.0: Cannock Chase.

17° C, sunny and dry. Very early start, wake at 4am and pack to drive the 100 miles to the school. The other staff for the trip were out and about gathrring kit and minibuses. So I hung my head … Continue reading

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The flotsam was useful to prop the bike up while I photograph it. Later, I returned to collect the net for the art room. I don’t quite know what it’s for yet. Maybe a driftwood still life.

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Early misty ride

6°C, sunny still and misty start. I rode Paddy Wagon with MapMyRide+! Distance: 73.79km, time: 03:11:29, pace: 2:36min/km, speed: 23.12km/h. And it was gorgeous; rolling mist especially over each stream and drainage ditch. As for wildlife; a buzzard, remarkable … Continue reading

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Two rides today.

9C, Brisk W wind but dry and white cloud. I rode Racelite with MapMyRide+! Distance: 29.02km, time: 01:14:59, pace: 2:35min/km, speed: 23.22km/h. This crumbling restaurant has been abandoned for over 10 years. In it’s hay-day I can only imagine … Continue reading

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