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Frogs have left the pond.

6°C, grey. No activity at The Pond today. This is what I think happened: last week, there were 10 males at the pond. Waiting, they would occasionally say “gribbit”. My suggestion is that they were staking out the pond waiting … Continue reading

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Eek, a Leak!

Rain, 6°C Not moved into my new house yet but did call in to drop some stuff there. I decided to switch on the mains water. While eating a sandwich, I could hear dripping. That is a sickening sound to … Continue reading

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Something in the water is watching.

12°C, sun and light rain. Something in this pond is watching. There were two ripples from their dive for cover as I approached. Yesterday there was a glassy eye, a frog I think. Actually, two. That’s great for such a … Continue reading

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I’m in.

6°C, after a snowy start, the next was vigorous. A chance to try something seen at my old house, an igloo. The snow wasn’t really suitable, it refused to compact densely. The roof fell in before this photo. Anyway, the … Continue reading

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7°C, sun with few showers. I get the keys tomorrow. Maybe, I should blog about its modernisation here. The long wait is over, now the hard work begins.

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In the neighbourhood..

7°C, brisk SE, building rain. Marshside Beach only 1km from my new house. Between here and my place are some brackish lagoons administered by the RSPB. What a bleak and melancholic day. This panorama shows the empty feel of the … Continue reading

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Crusty tap.

Changing the washer in a tap is supposed to be easy. This one has small facets making the spanner slip. Inside the tap is all crusty with limescale buildup. You’re supposed ot be able to unscrew the collar by hand, … Continue reading

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Moving house stage 3

6°C, grey but reasonably dry. III: moving out: it took a week to do this. A stressful week with little sleep and a nagging fear that I could miss the Friday deadline. Completion date is Friday 12th January. The removal … Continue reading

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One mile.

3°C, sunny and light wind. I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 1.70km, time: 07:09, pace: 4:12min/km, speed: 14.27km/h. Abruptly cut this ride short once I noticed how much black ice there was hiding in the shadows. There appeared to … Continue reading

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Boxing up my life, and snow.

1°C, snowing. Heavy snow all day. I’m fizzing for a ride but packing ought to be done.​ I’m moving in a month and have a 4 bedroom house to pack by myself.

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