3°C, thin but dark skies

I’m no aficionado, so it’s new to me this impression of Macbeth. I’m talking about Rupert Goold’s film version. It’s the Cold War Warsaw Pact setting, the uniforms and location. It’s like some hideous Stalinist interrogation camp. These plays presumable are always teetering on the edge of over-acting, but this one never steps over into discomfort. I hope to get a DVD version soon; a far better way to watch it, at over 2 & half hours I will have to tackle this in parts.

How on earth do I insert symbol characters on this laptop?

Eternal sunshine

5°C, dense fog.

How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d

I don’t dislike Jim Carey anymore! The film was just great- Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind. His acting was just right, okay a few moments jarred a bit but only because they reminded me too much of his previous dreadful films. Some reviews have suggested “surreal” as a term to describe this film- not one I’d choose, it’s not what I understand of surrealism at directly. On the other hand, words like these do tend to take on a modern meaning which leaves the original behind. Unlike some of my other film ramblings, I can’t contradict what others have said in this one.

Gadgets- I have my clock-radio back, this one works properly with the iPod, so a result. the sound quality is affected somewhat by sliding the instruction manual underneath (for those times that you forget how to change the alarm). There appears to be a narrow speaker port underneath the wooden case. Small speakers often have some sort of port to control the lower frequency sounds. the drivers are simple 3″ cones with no separate tweeters- hence a slight lack of sparkle to the sound. At least that means less harshness on some radio channels.

Brief Encounter (with a bun)

18°C, dark

Kneehigh Theatre: with their version of Brief Encounter, a homage to Noel Coward as much as the original film of 1945. They included "I’m no good at love" (which I’ve included on these pages in the past), along with other songs and passages by him. There was some audience participation, in one scene I was offered a bun, which I ate- it was really quite fresh I should state clearly now. Other nice touches, in the programme, actors’ own brief encounters printed with their shortened CVs.

Complicité: Shun-kin

8-12°C, good forecast.

London: a trip to the theatre. Entirely performed in Japanese, with minimal sets that seemed to combine stage design of Brecht and traditional Japanese music
(Nõ). The first 40 mins took a bit of work to plough through for me, but after that, I was in. It became an intimate emotional experience, the language was no problem- taken care of by translations displayed on the wall. Would that I knew even basic Japanese. Anyway, full stars or whatever accolades you like, stuff like this makes cinema seem weak.

Sore legs

21°C, Windy & sunny patches.

3DS for FSX: On a day for resting the legs and occasional stretches.
I’ve been making things again.
This is lichfield Cathederal, destined for FSX and possibly Google-Earth.
Some faces havn’t got textures yet (as you can see), but it’s going alright currently, though this process does take a long time.


20°C, 40% cloud, light winds.

Cinema: Today I’ve just seen a film that makes me take back all the bad things I have said about cinema. It was a film full of passion, tension, guilt driven by honour and lust. We both came out shaking, not stunned. Stunned is the wrong word, that suggests that we had our senses blunted, no we were on the edge of our seats and enthralled by the escapades of the cast, intoxicated by the production and breat taken away by the photography. Every shot was perfect , the period details were flawless apart from one aeroplane shot. It was just so clever, the visual links, the sounds the music and the way they all were interwoven into the characters and plot.
On buying tikets, we’d noticed that the staff had their favourite film printed in their name-tags, things like Die-hard, Withnail & I , and we entered the auditorium thinking what would we have on our badges. Now I know, it would have been "Shipping news" or maybe, American Beauty. But they are superseded

This is England

16°C, heavy rain, no cycling

Cinema: This is England– set in a typical working class English town in 1983. A story of unrelenting grimness, broken characters falling into destructive lifestyles set against a background of changing Thatcher’s Britain. It could have been made by Mike Leigh, but it wasn’t. It lacked Leigh’s sparkle- humour and irony. The filming, acting and production was flawless, but the story & character development was hopelessly grim.

Cycling is called off today due to heavy rain. That gave me a chance ot paint- but the results are probably not going to look radically different to the last photos shown here.

Linseed: Worked on two paintings this morning. Chages are probably harder to discren from photos but both now have their first linseed layers- so some richness of colour is starting to form.

Here’s a short sequence to show the progress of the horseStalking

My lower back still aches and next Friday we’re going to Cumbria again to take on the mountain again- this time we’re not only going to beat it, but drive to the next one for a part dress-rehearsal.  Two climbs in one day, with a 5 hour drive between ( use that for recovery). This time, we know the route, I have some better gear- in a new rucksac that it partly packed right now.
That’ll be a tiring weekend then.

…there you are- a blog entry that should have been written over several nights.