Cyrus boxes.

Lots of boxes, look! It’s took some setting up. First, the right channel was very crackly; left, dead!

It’s all working, at last.
  • Cyrus DAC-XP (pre amp with built in DAC);
  • Cyrus CDt transport, (it does the mechanical spinning and stuff);
  • Cyrus Two and PSX, (running for the mm phono head amp and switching)
  • Cyrus Mono-X, two monoblock power amps. One for each speaker, bi-wired)

The supplied Cyrus interconnect cables were faulty. I thought it was the new plugs on the speaker cables. The fault lay with home soldered cables on QED wires. They are old and suffer from dry solder. I should sling them out really. It took lots of swapping and replugging to eliminate suspects. Now I know, and I’m now bathed in beautiful music (Roomful of Teeth).

The current cables are cheap and nasty patch cords. The whole set will sound better than this when they are replaced.

There is more to come, next week arrives the last parts.

Musical Fidelity MC2

These MC2 speakers were bought as ex demo in the early 90s. The cases have always been scruffy which made them affordable for me. With the new upgrades, they still sound good, I still like them. Last year, my big idea was to make new cases for them Wilmslow Audio do a refurbishment service where they make new cases and supply them as a flatpack. The idea was to change the proportions, modern speakers are narrow and deep, old ones are the other way around. Also, chamfered edges look nice to me.

The above picture shows them on blue stands I made while at college. I l graduated in ’87.

Evo 4.4

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