A4, sketchbook, acrylic.

After a faulty start, this is looking good tonaly. In he next stage, we’ll seen whether I went to far with tonal underpainting. I don’t really know what happens when colour is laid over black.

Day 2.

It may be strange painting over black and white overpainting. Possibly, this monochrome ground could suck the colour out of overpainting layers. We’ll soon see

Nearly done.

In conclusion: Adding colour was, initially a struggle against the grey. It’s true, grey under-painting does indeed suck the colour out of the image. I compensated by adding extra layers of colour thus wasting the time spent on the second grey layer. A picture like this only needs 3 layers, not 4.


I’m not doing it that way again. The monochrome picture could have been left and a second version made in colour that would not have take much longer to end with two pictures.

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