DofE 23: Solihull Bronze Practice.

14°C, little sun, grey later but the rain held off.

Walk 6 Y10 girls across Warwickshire to a scout camp. We walked for 7 1/2 hours under grey sky and slightly muddy ground. I’m feeling the effects of a few late nights. Last night was only 5 hours sleep. Those days accumulate and my head felt like a dull lump inside.

A landmark electricity substation on the route.

Day 2: checkpointing a circular route. I worked with Paul sharing 3 groups. One was the same group as yesterday plus a group of boys and another of girls.

The gaps between groups opened quite quickly as my group went wrong early on. They took a spagetti route and couldn’t tell where they’d been. Later their journeying got better and quicker despite being overloaded with uncomfortable packs. Other things went wrong for them too. The finish was changed while they were near the camp. An error had occured in comunicating with their parents who were to pick them up. All in all, that.l meant we didn’t finish until 17.30.

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