DofE 15: Cannock Chase (again)

30°C, full sun, light wind.

We were issued with detailed plans this morning and I am working as a Supervisor along with an Assessor, we have three groups to manage. We have a uniform tower and have radios for staff only. For the first time, we issue GPS beacons. These only return a position once pinged by the expedition manager. That sounds better than some centres who monitor a continuous track.

15.1: Their routes are very similar but they were spread out over time. The extraordinary heat didn’t harm the kids’ progress as much as other schools. The Chase does offer good shelter amongst the trees. The last groups required a ping a few times and they finished 2nd to last.

15.2: most of the routes are very similar today now we have come.down from the Chase onto low farmland. The slow group from yesterday we’re even slower today. They have many many breaks.

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