DofE 12: Chilterns (2)

Sun-rain-sun/repeat 18°C.

12.0: arrived a day early on a busy Scout camp. Presumably, most will go tomorrow before ours arrive. I needed an early night but they did quieten down after 9.30. The owls were loud in the night.

12.1: Training two groups, one all girls, the other – mixed. Both started unskilled and with an impulsive nature. They urgently wanted to press on which led to fractured groups and navigation errors. The urge to go on cost them enough mistakes to slow the day down dramatically. Dashing off made for a long day. Mine were the last groups in. The rain showers abated and we arrived with very tired kids. The mixed group got themselves in first.

In the woods, creepy eh?

12.2: A day for each group to travel solo, first in light rain, later a nice day unfolded.
Some arguments were reported on the 2nd day because navigation decisions were made by force of personality and not on a group using observed evidence. The other group (girls) went well and became steadily better and better. They really bloomed on this trip, I hope they finished with the fuzzy feeling of satisfaction. I told them they should.

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