DofE 6: Ousedale.

Heavy showers and bright sun. 11°C.

Heading down a day early on a longish drive ready for Bronze Practice.

The camp is good but lacks showers, not a problem for Bronze though.

DofE 6.1; The groups were dropped off a few miles away and we had 2 each. Each instructor mapped a route to camp along footpaths. Since camp was so close, I took mine SW before looping round towards the finish. Group 2 really couldn’t understand why. They were impatient to get to the finish first and wanted to follow the boys’ groups. Missing the point, they thought it was some kind of race. The same group had a habit of following other groups without knowing where they were going and rushing past signs that were needed.

We all stopped for sandwiches by a remote bridge. One of the girls took out a bottle of Tabasco sauce to drip over hers. What a strikingly good idea! I couldn’t resist asking for some and it gave my mushroom pate/cheese roll a real lift. Excellent, I’m going to pack a bottle Nas soon as I get back

Setting up camp was straightforward even though rain had started, the tents were in good nick and all complete.

DofE 6.2 predictably, group 2 went wrong early on. Having remotely supervised them, I was not party to their decisions in the field. Either they were following another group or had trouble with direction finding. They happened upon another leader’s checkpoint who redirected them NW. I had asked that they were sent back along their planned route but the group messed that up again.

Group 7 arrived late at the busy road crossing. There are no qualms about their conduct; they overshot their turn but found another instead (as briefed). A good outcome in the end.

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