The tuning-fork tree.

More storms, 60mph gusts. Dried up later. 7°C.

A6 sketchbook:

In work today, I had time to watch a tree beaten by storm Gareth. My mind turned to the problem of how can we animate a winter tree? The tree is so obviously a chaotic kinetic system when moving through wind. Each branch will have its own resonant frequency, but then I noticed something. Each branch must be a different length. If it weren’t, there could be a serious problem. Serious for the tree, it could lose branches in storms more often.

Imagine the branches are swaying in wind. If there were only two branches, the tree would vibrate like a tuning fork. The resonance of each branch would support the motion of the other branch, this feeding energy at greater and greater amplitudes. I’d say there is a system heading towards catastrophic fractures.

Three’s aren’t constructed that way. Not this one anyway. Each branch is a different length, this avoiding such a destructive fate.

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