Wonky crank.

8°C, dry with a light S.


Lots of energy but a mechanical problem spoilt things. The left crank worked loose after only 3 miles. I made it to a car dealer who helped out. My set of Allen keys omits the 7mm needed for the crank-bolt. A few times I had to take up the slack with a 6mm.

Although it was stressful worrying whether the crank would fall off, I had a fallback option. I rode as hard as I could to increase the distance between stops. That meant training effect. One stop was outside a house in Sollom where a guy was closing the gate. He said he had Allen keys so I gave the bolt a good go. Nice chap.
The next stage was okay but the front wheel picked up a thorn on the cycle track. These hedges get clipped but not swept. That one factor accounts  for the large numbrr of punctures  i get in Lancashire. Staffordshire doesn’t  have anything like the amount of cycle tracks so fewer punctures.

Since getting home, I have tightened up the crank fully but it still wobbles, it’s damaged permanently. It’s old I suppose – 27 years.
Currently, I have placed a bid on eBay for an identical replacement.

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