DofE: 1.1

5°C, dry, brisk S.

This was a long drive to deliver residential training in Abingdon near Oxford. Having family half way made an excellent staging post for me though.

Some of the other instructors stayed in their cars or went home on the Saturday night; I camped about 7 miles away. I can’t tell you anything about the campsite because it was dark when I arrived and still dawn twighlight when I left.

The night dried up late then froze. I had an extra sleeping bag, one of those rectangular ones that you can open out flat. The extra layer was so warm that I didn’t need additional bedclothes. Despite a possible leak in the carry-mat, my night’s sleep was cosey. Eventually, I climbed out to a very frosty scene. Last night’s mud froze solid in the -2°C air. It was lovely to see but I had to hurry. As the photo shows, the tent was white with hard frost which made it difficult to pack away.

The job itself continues to be easy and I was glad of my experience working with eDofE and OS mapping online.

A few days later, the training provider phones to ask whether I could do it again the following weekend. I can’t. I’m booked but delighted to be asked. I must have done enough right one this weekend.

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