Was it a good ride?

…not really.

11°C, W wind with clear sky. Dry of course.

Broken valve.

Not the ride I wanted. The canal section was spoiled by a fishing competition and then a puncture. The self-sealing tubes failed to seal the leak. I blew the tyre up and rode as far as the pressure allowed and then inflated it again. Eventually the valve broke off inside the pump (see above). That stopped everything; no longer was there a possibility of swapping the tube or patching because there was no way to pump it up. The walk home was 2 miles. The sun shone.

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5 Responses to Was it a good ride?

  1. grabaspine says:

    Beacon dude blocked me when I challenged him on his “rabbit trails” post. I saw your comments on his “killing babies” post and thought you were on target.

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