Mural painting.

13°C, heavy showers.

Just in time for memorial Sunday, I was given a day to get this mural painted at work. They’re having a kind of parents’ evening and the head decided it would be good to have the mural done before parents arrive. That gave me 5 hours to complete it

The day went well, I had constant encouragement from all the staff and most of the kids.

As for painting, acrylics pose several challenges, most notable; colours change as the paint dries, the paint dries extremely quickly.

There was some texture on the wall which helped greatly but looking back on the day, there are things I’d do differently.

  • Underpainting should cover all of the figure,
  • Use 2 colours to underpaint,
  • Mark out lines in paint so they show through underpainting.
  • Look globally at colour tints (I used orange).

This approach may alleviate several problems like white spots and improve overall cohesive tone.

With hindsight, I could have played with the paint a bit more. When thinned, it would dribble downwards sometimes. I could have used that by not cleaning it up. More, the underpainting could be applied with a sponge to rough out the overall tone. What about wiping the wet paint with water? If next time…

It was nice to chat with passing pupils and staff while I worked. One boy asked whether I “am a paintist?”. Staff were genuinely interested, I think it was the process that caught their curiosity.

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