Alport Castles

7°C, grey with a cold N breeze.

Hiking with some old friends in the Dark Peak area of the Pennines.

This was a day and route of variety: moorland, forest, ridge and a few hours of night walking. Firstly, we headed into Alport Moor and then descended amongst the strangest landforms, a mixture of landslips, landslides and what looks like gorges. It’s a real puzzle trying to unpick what happened to this terraine.

The descent from here took us back to rural farmland and into darkness. The last leg was nearly 2 hours of night walking. We had a good system running here which I shall pass onto kids. I led in front route finding on the ground and Carl followed with the map in hand. This works better than me holding the map because holding it up in the head-torch. destroys your night vision

Here we are, the traditional Blair Witch shot on a night walk.

In all, this qualifies as a Quality Hillwalking Day, a valid entry onto the Mountain Training logbook. That makes 150 in my book.

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