19°C rain.

Back home, decorating. Some pressure is on, a new heating system is to be fitted next week I’m taking the opportunity to fit column radiators. The old flat radiators are off, leaving the wall exposed for redecoration. Repapering the hallway was easy, the old paper came off easily in large sheets.

A sketch, now under wallpaper.

Preparing the living room was not so easy. It started off without difficulty, the paper peeled away in large sheets. This soon revealed a problem. The plaster has long cracks that criss-cross. I decided to lever off a loose bit. Then a huge sheet fell away.

There is a gap between the sill and the top course of bricks so I injected polyethylene foam. Later the same day, the base coat of plaster was in.

This photo shows the skim coat. It’s not as flat as I’d like but it will be hidden by the new radiator (and under lining paper).

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