And to return.

More rain, 14°C, followed by rain again.

Leaving Scotland is easier when the weather is bad, more so when the outlook is also poor.

With the tent packed (wet) by 7.30, I was ready. The most remarkable point to note of the trip is the lack of midges. I finished happy with my fitness, the dragging feeling from the first few days had gone. I came down from Lawers tired but not worryingly so. Physical tiredness can be a satisfying feeling. Every year I think to myself how fit I could be if I did hikes like these every week.

To review, I just counted up my Munro bag, it’s now 51 summits. The total for all, Corbets and so on is around double that figure. I have a cracked tent pole to fix and wet smelly kit to wash. The only annoyance has been my mobile phone. I’ll post about that separately.

Here is the almost traditional Tebay melancholy shot. I took this picture as an interval from my sketchbook. The trip is complete in the sense that I want to go back, hence the melancholy mentioed at the top.

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1 Response to And to return.

  1. colonialist says:

    Even in soggy gloom, such lovely countryside. If the normal weather didn’t tend to be so awful, I would regret that forefathers left there for sunnier climes.


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