DofE 13.0: Hitchin.

26°C, 2/5 cloud, 0 wind.

Camped at Henlow Bridge. Not my kind of campsite but only for 1 night. Expensive too, £26 for 1 night. That’s london prices, I didn’t get to the bureau de change to get london pounds. London currency looks the same but can’t buy as much.

13.1, met the groups at about 10am in Hitchin. We went through kit checklists by way of introduction, as usual. I know the routine now, it often involves a detailed list with the boys pressing to get going. Another routine that has been steady over the last few weeks is managing the heat. Still, many boys didn’t have enough water. 2 litres is recommend, many were on 1.5. Some had rucksacks that were only 40 litres. Eventualy, off they went ln qualifying. Today’s routes are much longer, I swapped one group’s route around to make my checkpointing easier.

The sun shone fiercely, and the air hung still. It was a hot one again. This is like being in the south of France.

13.2 Day two: Both groups had a much shorter routes which resulted in a happier mood in each team. The weather was still hot and dry- reaching 28°C in the early afternoon.

I’m now typing in light rain in a service station on the M6, (quite pleasant actually). I’ve typed up the Assessor reports and am now free tirelax on the long drive home.

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