Seafront machines and weirdos

19°C, 0 cloud, no wind either.

I rode fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 53.45km, time: 02:03:18, pace: 2:18min/km, speed: 26.01km/h.

As routine, rode out to the seafront machines and I wasn’t the only one there. A guy with a pot and bright yellow shorts was swinging his arms. It’s something people do who are new to exercise. It pot was big.

He mouthed something of a greeting to me as I parked the bike. He can’t talk. Then, he pointed to himself and drew 58 in the sand. Then, turned to me so I drew 53. He looked of up and down approvingly. Strange enough?

Then I rode out towards my house. Somebody was sleeping in the sand. They looked as if they’d been there all night. Seaside towns attract all sorts of people from the fringes of society.

After I came out of my house, some smartly dressed people let themselves through my gate. They asked me some uncomfortable questions about my bike ride, ‘was there an event?’. They handed over a leaflet and invited me to some hall. Creepy. Religious people are sooo creepy.

At least I’ve watered the plants and collected my parcels.

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