DofE 11.0: Cotswold hills.

28°C, no wind and the prospect of 30° tomorrow, close feeling too.

Working for a provider that’s new to me: BXM. It’s not too far to drive here, but for the first part of the M5 which was very slow..

11.1: day one, quite a lot to get used to but the people are excellent. They’re friendly and enthusiastic, I hope to make a good impression. The kids seem young but they’re pleasent enough. I have two groups to manage but this time we chose them by the similarity of their routes and we have two groups each to manage. The top temperature today is very high, probably 30°C.

11.2: My groups got up at a reasonable reasonable time despite refusing to last evening.

The day went well and grew hot. Tarmac melted in places. Our response is to encourage groups to slow down, we aimed for 2kph. And we offered water at every opportunity.

Look at these! They’re thistles, not a variety seen us north.

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