DofE 9: Parbold.

30°C full blazing sun but for moor smoke. No real wind.

Bronze qualifying in central lancashire, same as a few weeks ago except there are only four groups. A finishing off trip. The only real concern today is the heat; the kids drank like fish. Tops today was about 30°C, maybe 31. Seriously hot. Three groups bunched together and the fourth lagged an hour behind. There were no incidents but for a few who felt mildly nauseous in the heat. They knew what I meant about getting goose-bumps too.

9.1: not as hot as yesterday, only 26°C, (…only? Only?!)

Another good day’s work done. The manager is leaving his school for anotber, but I hope to get more work from them next season. There are ot any real standout anecdotes for this one. I had to lodge my misgivings about a section of the route which was vetted by DofE regional office as a quiet B road. It wasn’t; this is is a 60mph road with 3 blind corners. There were no verges for the kids to walk. I should have rebelled and changed the route. We live and learn.

2pm and I’m sitting in the cafe at Booths, job done. Dark Peak trip tomorrow. While I’m here, I snould find some camp-friendly healthy food. Its the art of cooking with fresh veg in a campsite with two tiny pans. It can be done.

Here is an odd little thing. This dandelion seed has stuck to the car rear screen. Is has swept a clean circle in the dust.

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