DofE 7.0, White Peak,

Warm in the sunshine, cooler later. 20°C, very, very high pollen..

Bronze qualifying: camped in Alstonfield, as previously. I’ve worked for this school for years and this is the most capable and well behaved groups they’ve ever had.

7.2, some of the girls wanted to sleep out under the clear sky. A cloudless sky is promised and the wind should drop. I can’t think of a reason to refuse. Some therefore, slept out undeer a tarp; others, in survival bags. It’s one lf those lovely romantic things to do when you are a teenager. ‘Romantic’ in the old fashioned sense of the word; not all that boy-meets-girl rubbish.

Since they were all so well behaved and we’ll organised, there were no anecdotes to collect. They’re not even the first to sleep out. Most didn’t wake during the night so didn’t see Jupiter blazing in the early morning sky.

Here I am, briefing a group before setting off on day 2.

That was a good easy trip unless you count the drive home on the M6. I don’t mind tbe long stretches of 50mph, it’s the unexplained 20mph miles that were so tiring.

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