DofE 6.0: Surrey Hills

Good weather with mild nights and slightly less hot days. 20°C

Another long drive south to the Surrey Hills. The campsite is in clearings in woodland with dry ground. There are many groups here, probably more scouts than anything other.

We instructors have more groups to deal with than usual on this trip. Most of us have two groups which I’ve done many times before. The problem today was the difference in routes and pace of my two groups. They quickly increased separation by two miles. Maybe. Group 9 were not heard of for hours. Eventually, I came upon them by chance in a sunken lane. That’s a bad place, in shadow, in very narrow with no footpaths. Add to that the number of large 4x4s rushing about. Poor navigation led one group down this lane. There is a decent path parallel and quite close. I presume they were getting tired.

Here I am, on a checkpoint brewing up some coffee.

Day Two: much better for both groups, enough to pass clearly.

This is a trig point found in woods near the North Down way. Apparently, the trees have grown since the trig point was used because these things require a clear view of other hillsides.

While I was searching for my second group, I passed this trig point on the ridge. The heavy undergrowth and tall trees illustrate how long these posts have been here.

The day finished ontime but I didn’t see the second group until the end point. My first group were raring to go home but made a point of seeing me first. They were full of smiles and gratitude for my time with them. What a delightful group of girls. These are kids whose lives have been nice to them, they were brought up by likable people and had few traumas in their upbringing. It shows what difference all that makes. I’m back at the PRU tomorrow for the contrast.

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