DofE 5.0: Parbold

21°C, white cloud with very high pollen.

Some schools vary the rules on their expeditions. This one uses the same route for all groups on qualifying, they are in the same area as their practice and a few other oddities. However, they do respect the ‘principles of DofE’.

The kids are from the edges of liverpool, St. Helens. They’re very likable, open, relaxed and friendly. We leaders were warned lightly about them, but I was gjven a super group. They were friendly, generous and polite at all times.

In practice. I mostly supervised two groups, the first, assigned to me. The second did not handle crossing tbe cattle field well at all. They were shrieking and jumping about as they approached the herd. A larget herd of mixed bullocks, cows and calves. This was the only occasion I told them off. Eventually, i reached the group and explained what to do.

Back at camp, I received a funny back-handed compliment, “I’d rather be told-off by you than that lot“, referring to their own teachers. She was anxious about disqualification for something trivial but I reassured them. These kids are very open and upfront, in contrast to some in the outher groups from the south.

That marks the end of a 6-day week. More is to come, I get 1 day off, then work a 16-day week. Summer holidays will be a respite when I can get on wih decorating my house.

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