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DofE 10.0: Edale.

Or “I need to use the trowel” 16°C, cloudless and still. Arrived in Edale for a Gold Practice expedition. I’ve been here a few times before with QM School. Sunset is late so putting up the tent was easy. This … Continue reading

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DofE 9: Parbold.

30°C full blazing sun but for moor smoke. No real wind. Bronze qualifying in central lancashire, same as a few weeks ago except there are only four groups. A finishing off trip. The only real concern today is the heat; … Continue reading

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Fires on the moors.

28°C, hot dry and still. Thin brown smoke split the cloudless sky. I rode from work with MapMyRide+! Distance: 31.90km, time: 01:27:11, pace: 2:44min/km, speed: 21.95km/h. This photo is from the roadside on the ride home. Yesterday was worse, … Continue reading

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DofE 8.0, New Forest.

22°C, bright summer’s day. Time spend getting the coordinates right in the satnav paid off with an easy journey to camp. The roads were very good in contrast to yesterday. Unfortunately, I had to pay for a pod at the … Continue reading

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DofE 7.0, White Peak,

Warm in the sunshine, cooler later. 20°C, very, very high pollen.. Bronze qualifying: camped in Alstonfield, as previously. I’ve worked for this school for years and this is the most capable and well behaved groups they’ve ever had. 7.2, some … Continue reading

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DofE 6.0: Surrey Hills

Good weather with mild nights and slightly less hot days. 20°C Another long drive south to the Surrey Hills. The campsite is in clearings in woodland with dry ground. There are many groups here, probably more scouts than anything other. … Continue reading

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Lollipop route.

23°C, light NW, milky sunshine, still dry. I rode Racelite with MapMyRide+! Distance: 65.81km, time: 02:46:14, pace: 2:32min/km, speed: 23.75km/h. This driveway looked quite desolate last time I passed, that was just afternthe trees were coppiced. Now, in recovery, … Continue reading

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DofE 5.0: Parbold

21°C, white cloud with very high pollen. Some schools vary the rules on their expeditions. This one uses the same route for all groups on qualifying, they are in the same area as their practice and a few other oddities. … Continue reading

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Recovery ride (again)

I rode Mustang with MapMyRide+! Distance: 16.41km, time: 54:16, pace: 3:18min/km, speed: 18.15km/h.

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