DofE 4.0: Cannock Chase.

17° C, sunny and dry.

Very early start, wake at 4am and pack to drive the 100 miles to the school. The other staff for the trip were out and about gathrring kit and minibuses. So I hung my head round the drama studio door. All of the kids were there, with their kit ready. Then something happened that I will never forget. I got a standing ovation! They roared and whooped. I’ve never had a welcome like that, it send a shiver down my spine.

The coach ride to the start point was relatively short, and day 1 was training in navigation and camp craft. The group I had were easily the most receptive I’ve worked with this year. I got through masses of material which meant they got the most out of me too,

This little guy landed on my map while we were discussing a navigation descision. The girls recoiled until they saw my reaction, with one hand, i manouvered my phone and unlocked it for the photo. All the while expressing wonder at this little chap. It worked, the girs came over and took pictures of their own. This is a way that city kids can become comfortable with this environment.

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