DofE 2.0 North Downs

24°C, cloudless and still

I led DofE Bronze with MapMyRide+! Distance: 18.27km, time: 08:35:00, pace: 28:11min/km, speed: 2.13km/h.

Each day started cold, Saturday was +4.5°C and Sunday morning colder. Here, the sun happens to shine down the inside of my tent, usefully. Later, we all became hotter as the sun climbed higher in thd cloudless blue.

This little scatty object is usually overlooked. There was a spider out on the limb, right, but when she saw me, she scurried into the nest.

The expedition: The North Downs are interesting; like the White Peak, there are dry valleys and dew ponds. Most of the wild plants we saw were the same too. There were, however, some magnificent Red Kites. They’re surprisingly large with long vee shaped tails, perhaps inspiration for Star Trek spaceships. I was impressed.

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