Carneddau ring:2

8°C start, then warmth came through steadily. Mostly sunny once hill fog burnt off.

A very long day’s walk, it turned out later.

A cold night: g knew it would get cold, it reached -8°C by about 4am. I piled on all the layers g could but no more would fit in the sleeping bag. That bag liner was helpful.

First summit. Carnedd Llewelyn 1034m in hill fog but milky sun was trying to break through. Navigation was easy enough using slope aspect and my newly repaired compass.

Ridges and cornices:

Do I need to spell out how utterly beautiful the views were? I went for a few reasons

  • Break in my legs after a long winter,
  • Get a wild camp for my Dlog,
  • Stamina exercise
  • Test my fitness,
  • Experience,

The walkout was, perhaps a little too long. However, I was driven right to the end by the urge to get back to the car before dark.

Bethesda: the route skirted the edge of the village because the ideal route is impassible. There have been no repairs to destroyed bridges on th sites Caseg forcing a detour West.

Rhaeadr Fawr (Aber Falls): I’m not normally so impressed by waterfalls but this one (two) make it onto my recommended list. There is a well made path leading in from the north for tourists. Of course, I got there by the cross-country route from the south west.

Long walkout: The rest of the route is a long slog back to the car. The paths are nice enough, and as it turns out, the setting sun cast a fine golden light over the land.

Kit to remember next time: where did I put those little micro-towels? I had the wrong kind of gas too. This stuff had no pressure in the cold.

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