Arctic Blast.

+1 to +5°C, sharp ESE wind. Dry with bright blue sky.

I rode Mustang with MapMyRide+! Distance: 80.44km, time: 03:53:29, pace: 2:54min/km, speed: 20.67km/h.

In today’s Daily Mirror, the subheadline is ‘Temperatures colder than the Arctic’. What a stupid, blatant lie. They’ve printed that one before. It’s only a few degrees below in the UK.

I didn’t expect the photo to come out so badly. The lens must have steamed up. This is taken at CafeVelo which is by two small lakes. A very nice cyclist cafe, a good replacement for The Beehive by Rosliston.

By the time I got there, about 10, most of the ice had gone but the wind picked up. My feet and fingertips were cold. Actually, it felt as though there were pebbles inside my shoes. A cafe stop was essential to warm up.

The next leg, I could enjoy a tailwind and enjoy the scenery. The light is wonderful today and the roads, quiet.

Anyway, I set off for an early one. What spectacular weather, the light was sharp which cart deep incised shadows. All was tinged with blue from the cloudless sky.

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