Wild and windy across the moors.

7°C, strong westerly wind, dry but grey.
I rode Mustang with MapMyRide+! Distance: 61.81km, time: 02:57:08, pace: 2:52min/km, speed: 20.94km/h.


I like this bike more now. that’s the difference 1cm makes. Earlier in the week, I put a longer stem on to relieve the pressure on my hands. It has mostly worked. anyway, today’s ride, though a little slow, was comfortable. I rode the hill climb up Bannister Lane near Parbold and got up there comfortably. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t painful either. Later after a garage stop the route turned into the westerly wind. It’s nice to have gears for times like these. what I really like about this bike is the handling. It’s very light at the front, probably designed that way to make up for sluggish handling  with big gravel tyres. I have 28c road tyres on this wheelset; though it would make sense to go up a size for winter rides, perhaps to 32c.

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