Route to my new house.

5°C, light breeze, sun and showers.
I rode Paddy Wagon with MapMyRide+! Distance: 44.69km, time: 01:53:02, pace: 2:32min/km, speed: 23.72km/h.

A duck died today. That marred my outward stage. Crossing the moors the road approached a wood. Suddenly it erupted with a fusillade of shotgun blasts. There were 4x4s parked on the lane and men with dogs standing is fields. Small groups of birds flew quickly away from the wood. Good, some escaped.
Then I saw a shape scurrying across the field, it was a bird unable to take off. It was very fast though, desperate no doubt. Then a dog ran from the Hunter and chased it down. Efficiently, the dog returned the bird, a duck. The next thing I saw was the worst part. The hunter took the bird from the dog and held it out at waist height. He swung the bird in a circle to break its neck.
Seconds before, that bird had enough fight to make am escape though it was wounded by shot which prevented it taking to the air. It’s speed across the field was as great as the adrenaline filling it’s blood. Hope was dashed when the dog was sent after it.
I found myself filling with rage. At the top of my voice I swore at these men. At least one looked round so they must have heard me. What else could I do?
What despicable examples of humanity were these men?

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