A puncture, a run and one terrified barnowl.

4°C, moderate NW breeze, dry but cold.
I rode Mustang with MapMyRide+! Distance: 30.60km, time: 01:44:54, pace: 3:26min/km, speed: 17.50km/h.



Punctures are always annoying. at least it happened in the front tyre, but the spare tube was the wrong size and the patch didn’t stick. That meant a run to a bike shop. A run because I had an appointment at 2pm. From Formby Country Club to Formby Cycle shop is 2.1 miles and I had the adrenaline. Actually, though it felt stressful, I was quite satisfied with the run. Maybe I should go for a run sometimes.
Outside the country club, a guy offered to help and we tried to fix the wretched tube. My spare was too thin (<25c). A quick visit top the shop got spares that I need and I was back on the road in only 15 minutes. that wasn’t the end of the stress. I belted home working hard to make the deadline.​

On the outward leg, I used  If it were up to me, I’d ban it.

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