Gold, day 3

12°C, rain of the drizzly variety. Sun later.
Our assessor gave them a low level route which was mostly the Trans Pennine Trail. The tops were shrouded in hill fog and rain fell heavily at times. We decided to walk the reverse route to meet them.

This section of the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT) runs on a disused railway. The tracks are long gone rather like the Tissington Trail. Then, the railway runs through a tunnel below the Moors. The opening of the tunnel is blocked by a gate and electric fences. It’s drafty but sheltered from the rain. We sat here and ate lunch while I got the stove out for a warm brew.
As it worked out, we saw both groups about half way and only separated by half an hour. Our next idea was to head across the moorland to make a walk of it. We turned north into classic Hill and Moorland territory.TPT-vent
Just visible on top of this ventilation shaft is a walking boot. I have no idea how long it’s been there or who threw it. From here a track heads south west passed some pillars. the pillars appear to be some kind of mount for theodolites. I presume a system was set up to dig the shafts in the days before laser measurements were first used.

Anyway, our own track amounted to 5 hours 40 minutes and brightened up into the afternoon to sunshine.

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