Mid Staffordshire ride

Dull grey and some drizzle. 17°C and later in sun, 21°C.

I rode Racelite with MapMyRide+! Distance: 103.01km, time: 04:12:00, pace: 2:27min/km, speed: 24.53km/h.


Woke early with plenty of fizz. Once I got going, the pace was great by recent standards. Three guys passed me at Barton so I joined them for a few miles. All winter, I got used to cyclists dropping me, not today. I took turns on the front and kept pace comfortably.
The Racelite still has speed to offer. Eventually, they turned off on their Sportive route. By the time I got to Sudbury, hunger had me in its grip.
Often these rides take in familiar lanes, but today, I went through villages not travelled for ten years, maybe more.
The stretch on cannock chase filled my head with thoughts of DofE in June. At Springslade, I chatted to two mountain bikers.
Home with 65 miles and some satisfaction.

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