The dark and angry cottage.

21°C, white cloud.

This summer’s expedition didn’t require any rescues but one group said they’d lost their walkie-talkie. We drove into the village and parked for near the footpath for a short time.​

A grumpy note! I accept that it was possible to leave the minibus in a carpark. My only problem with this note is the opening childish sarcastic content. If you want my sympathy, don’t throw away any respect with that stupid suggestion about my abilities. Besides, why would anybody need a map, there is a big sign to the carpark across the road. You don’t have exclusive rights to the road outside your house, that’s not how the law works in this country.
A different approach would have easily won my sympathy and probably, an apology. But if you’d come out from hiding in your house, I would have nothing to say to you. Your choice.

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