Between Barbara and Conor.

10°C, westerly gale, mostly dry but grey.
I rode The Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 31.77km, time: 02:10:51, pace: 4:07min/km, speed: 14.57km/h.

Barbara is the name given to the second storm of the winter. Conor, the third. Today marks a respite between the two storms which means dry weather, but very strong wind.

I had a mishap ten miles from home. I rode through a puddle, nothing remarkable about that. This one hid a sharp edge which have the whole bike a severe jolt. I was lucky not to fall off but then I looked down. The back tyre was completely flat. The sharp edge caused a pinch puncture that was not repairable.
At this point, I found a brake pad in my hand. Replacing the wheel dislodged the pad. It’s a tiny thing and I have never serviced disk brakes before. I don’t really know how to assemble them and now was not the time to learn how. After some nervous fidgeting it back into the slot, it seemed to work.
I swapped the inner-tube and carefully rode home on a tyre softer than ideal. Low tyre pressure is the likely cause of all this to begin with.

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