Storm Barbara.

Stormy, mild winter’s day.

A family day out ice-skating; skating in the city sounds like a nice winter thing to do but it didn’t work like that. The marquee was grossly overcrowded and filled with near deafening pop music. I was filled with the urge to run a mile. A mile wasn’t necessary because the Tate Gallery was only a few hundred metres away. That worked out well enough.
Return to the agreed 3pm spot was interrupted by a strong squally downpour. You could see the approaching white sheets of rain crossing the Mersey. I sheltered behind one of those odd looking buildings you see near docks.
There was just enough shelter to take a few photos with my new pocket camera. It’s a second-hand Fuji X-10 which I got via eBay. It has lots of fun features, panoramic, hdr, colour modes, and a sensor that can take alternative exposure shots at the same time.
Today, I played with low colour and black and white. The bin animation is a composite of the pictures taken with the best-frame feature.

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