Road crescents

Dry, rather cool at 7°C with light NE breeze.

Rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 68.90km, time: 03:00:32, pace: 2:37min/km, speed: 22.90km/h.

At the cafe stop.

Rode the Arrow for the first time in nearly 6 months.I’m riding the Raleigh gravel bike to work now so the Arrow has been neglected. I was beginning to think that I may not need that bike anymore

This morning, all I had to do was blow tyres up and take the carrier off, and then get on.

However, it did actually feel rather strange when I did get going. The riding position felt odd over the bars. After a few miles I rank into the right position and ‘found my legs’. That seat will have to go forward, raising it wasn’t enough. It’s okay to have differences is position on the various bikes, but this change is too much. I expect a similar feeling when starting out on the Mustang next week. At least the brakes and gear-change are good.

Conclusion, it’s going to be good to keep this bike as a specific winter ride.

Strange phenomenon, every so often, I noticed crescent shaped patches of wet road as I came home. There were dozens of them, full road width and distinct from the otherwise dry tarmac.​

Here is one, I laid my bike next to it for scale.

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