2:Wild camp in the Molwynion

11°C, hill fog above 300m. Light SW.
By the time I broke camp at Hadfod y Llan, and re-packing my expedition bag, it was 11am.
I parked by Llyn Gwynant and started the day’s walk. The first part was through dense forest. Autumn looks different here, colours on the ground are very vivid. Even in the forest, bracken was almost fluorescent. I should have stopped to take more photos but the day’s walk is long.
Wild-camp after a 5 ½ hour walk in hill-fog. START: Llyn Gwynant then walk up the woodland to the hills (SE). Hillfog above 300m, no wind so no change.

Pitched at the top of Cwm Edno.

Lots of micro-nav Llyn llagi was invisible though I could hear it. I actually found the turn to make the gully onto the plateau. I missed it last time in clear summer air. I managed to pass Llyn yr Adair without seeing that either. Heading east, eventually I met the fenceline to confirm my position. There is a real complex of hollows, valleys mounds and mountains here. An area worth more exploration.
Northwards eventually, I got to Llyn Edno, my intended camp. To avoid the cool breeze, I headed down to Cwm Edno and found an ideal spot next to a spring.

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